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How to integrate MyGeotab features with your own web application

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To provide a seamless experience between your own web application and MyGeotab use single sign on. A user signed in to your app can relay their credentials to MyGeotab without having to sign in at all.

Work flow
Simply store the Geotab credentials in your own database and retrieve them for the current user. Use the following Geotab API methods to authenticate to Geotab and display the features you want.

Keep in mind that a user's password may change and how you will keep these changes up to date in your database is up to you.

  1. Authentication: Provide your credentials in the form below. When integrating Geotab single sign on in your own application these values would come from your own database based on the current user.
  2. Redirection: The call you make to the Geotab Authenticate method returns two properties:
    • credentials: The value which will be used to construct the URL to authenticate to MyGeotab.
    • path: The server URL that you should be on (or "ThisServer" if you're already on the correct server).

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