Import users

Creates new users from a comma separated list

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Import users



To make things easier, we've provided you with an excel template. Please follow the input requirements outlined in the Help menu.

Keep in mind that Time Zone is a required input and if a license plate is entered, it must be unique to the database. License state is required only if a license plate is provided. You may enter a state other than those provided.

NFC and Custom NFC keys must be unique to the database; no duplicates can exist.

If you want to import any reporting groups - the user groups cannot include the "CompanyGroupId", otherwise all reporting groups wiil be ignored.



This SDK example assists with importing users to your database using comma separated values (CSV).

Use the form to add new users with optional NFC or GO driver keys. You can also use the text box to paste in users from another source.

Emailjohn.smith@geotab.comCan be email or user name. Spaces are not allowed.
First nameJohnSpaces are not allowed.
Last nameSmith
PasswordMinimum of 6 characters.
GroupsDrivers|West|GarminNames of groups separated by the | character.
Reporting GroupsDrivers|West|GarminNames of reporting groups separated by the | character.
Security clearance IDb28A7Found in the URL when viewing a security clearance in MyGeotab.

NFC key numberT1234SOptional. Found on the NFC key fob.
Custom NFC key number12345678Optional. Found on the Custom NFC key fob.
Country CodeCAOptional. The user two symbols country ISO code (
Phone number+1 5555555555Optional. The user's phone number with space separated country phone code.
Phone number extension1234Optional. The user's phone number extension.
Designation""Optional. The user's designation
Employee number63-221-44Optional. The user's employee number.
Fuel economy measurementLitersPer100KmOptional. Choose how to display fuel economy. There are four different measurements: liters per 100 kilometers, kilometers per liter, miles per US gallon, or miles per imperial gallon. You may need to refresh your browser for the change to take effect.
Distance measurement systemMetric (true)Optional. Choose how to display speeds and distances. This can be Metric or US/Imperial. You may need to refresh your browser to see the change take effect.
Feature previewOn or Off (true or false)Optional. Toggle feature preview.
Time zoneAmerica/New_YorkThe time zone offset from UTC for your location. All data will be displayed in this time zone.
Authority nameNational ExpressOptional. The motor carrier that the driver works for.
Authority address5000 Explorer DriveOptional. The motor carrier's main office address.
Carrier number8Z88Optional. In the United States, this is the motor carrier's USDOT number. In Canada, this is the Canadian Carrier code.
Home terminalStark TowerOptional. The motor carrier's place of business where the driver ordinarily reports for work. This can include a temporary work site designated by the motor carrier.
Home terminal address200 Park AvenueOptional. The motor carrier's address where the driver ordinarily reports for work.
Driver license numberYEETOptional. Driver's license number and License state/province must be set at the same time.
License state/provinceOntario (ON)Optional. Selecting North America will show a dropdown menu; selecting Other will display a text box.
RulesetCalifornia Property Intrastate (HosRuleSetCaliforniaProperty)Optional. This is the ruleset the user will follow when using hours of service.
Yard move allowedOn or Off (true or false)Optional. Toggling this setting to ON allows the driver to apply the yard move exemption.
Personal conveyance allowedOn of Off (true or false)Optional. Toggling this setting to ON allows the driver to apply the personal conveyance exemption.