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Getting Started

The MyAdmin API is available for Geotab Resellers and Partners. Geotab provides helper libraries for C# and JavaScript; however, any language or application capable of making HTTP requests can access the full functionality of the MyAdmin API. It is recommended that Resellers and Partners access the API with a new, dedicated account; however, any MyAdmin account may be used. A new account can be registered at https://myadmin.geotab.com.

NOTE The examples and source code presented in the MyAdmin SDK require a modern browser. We recommend using the latest Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser.

Accessing the API

The API is accessed via HTTPS by sending requests to the following URL:


The API supports POST requests only.

Test Environment

A sandbox environment is a testing environment that is available to developers who wish to test their application before making API calls to the live system. The test environment can be accessed at:


A few methods are not supported in the test environment and will throw exceptions when called. For more information, see the Reference section.

WARNING Data in the sandbox environment is volatile. API developers should not expect data entered into the sandbox environment to persist for any amount of time.

Authenticating with the API

A successful response is a JSON object where the result property is information about the session, including the user ID and a session ID. It looks similar to this:

{"result":{"userId":"x12345x2-172x-4d04-8xx2-xx9e088c5xxx","sessionId":"cff4e88b-931b-4363-ae4f-35b5ed169133","lastLogonDate":"2013-11-04T15:01:00.000Z","roles":[{"comments":"Third Party Integrator role","name":"Third-Party-Integrator"}],"name":"user@geotab.com"}}

The API key is found in the userId property and the session ID is found in the sessionId property. Both of these properties must be included on all other API calls. If the session ID has expired, the API will return a SessionExpiredException which requires a call to Authenticate to get the new session ID. For more information, see the Reference section. JavaScript and .NET examples have been provided to help you get started.

What’s next?

There are several other items in the SDK to help you get started:

Concepts β€” Be sure to read through this before building your application.

Using with JavaScript

Using with .NET

API Reference β€” The reference documentation that explains what each API call does and documents the parameters and results for each call.