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Hardware Development Kit


Geotab supports Hardware Add-On integration through the CAN, USB, RS232, and BLE interfaces. The Add-On Protocols section outlines the integration process for all four interfaces. Geotab’s open platform allows for expandability to support the unique data sets of any Hardware Add-On. The GO device can currently report Hardware Add-On Data Types found on MyGeotab Diagnostics.

When using Geotab’s Hardware Add-On protocols, it is important not to send excessive amounts of data to the GO device. This can be assured by only sending data when it is completely necessary and avoiding the sending of repetitive values. The GO device will stop recording data from the Hardware Add-On device if excessive Add-On data is detected. When this condition occurs, the following will appear in the Fault Data for the GO device within MyGeotab: “Status data no longer being saved due to excessive data”, “Third-party data no longer being saved due to excessive data” or “Bluetooth data no longer being saved due to excessive data”. In order to re-enable data logging for the Hardware Add-On, the GO device will need to be completely disconnected from power and then powered back up again.

Integrating with the Input-Output Expander (IOX)

Hardware Add-Ons communicate with the GO device using an IOX corresponding to the aforementioned interfaces, namely the IOX-CAN, IOX-USB, IOX-RS232, IOX-BT and any Custom IOX. The format of data sent through an IOX could vary with the type of IOX, which is shown in the table below. All IOXs support data transfer from Add-On to GO device, while some IOXs also support data transfer from GO device to Add-On.

IOX TypeAdd-On ProtocolStatus DataCustom DataBinary DataData Transfer From GO Device To Add-On

Hardware Add-On data can be sent via any of these IOX and will be be transmitted to the Geotab server in several formats, namely “Status Data”, “Custom Data”, and “Binary Data”. Data in all three formats may be retrieved via API. However, only Status Data can be queried within MyGeotab by navigating to Engine & Maintenance > Engine & Device… > Measurements. Only with Status Data, it is possible to create meaningful reports or leverage the rules engine via MyGeotab.

Geotab offers a wide range of IOXs, some of which are stand-alone solutions. IOXs such as IOX-CAN, IOX-USB, and IOX-RS232 connect GO devices with Hardware Add-Ons, while others like IOX-GOTALK, etc. are readily available solutions. Check out our full IOX offerings.

Technical Hardware Toolkit

The toolkit provides helpful integration resources and context in addition to the existing documentation and make it easier for partners to get up and running.

We have also moved to the new DIG platform for Custom Telematics Device integrations and included DIG documentation linked from the toolkit as well (while slating the MyAdmin documentation for deprecation).

Please refer to Geotab Integrations: Hardware Technical Toolkit for further details.

Requesting sample hardware

If you would like to request Geotab hardware for testing or develeopment, here are your options:

  • If you are already working with a Geotab reseller or a Geotab employee, please procure hardware with their help.
  • Otherwise, please submit this form.